Dr. Gregory D. Clark, a native of Ahoskie, North Carolina earned
a BS in chemistry and a Master’s degree in organic chemistry
from North Carolina Central University. He earned a PhD in
organic synthesis with a concentration on natural product
chemistry from Howard University.
After graduate school, he worked for the 3M company in St. Paul
MN for 15 years as a research specialist in the area of material
science. During this period, his research projects led to
improvements in the field of surface modification which resulted in
over seven US and International patents.
As a research specialist, he achieved expert status in the
following areas:

  • The identification of organic molecules

  •  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

  • Mass Spectroscopy

  •  Gas and Liquid Chromatography

  •  Design and synthesis of polymeric resins and curable

  • systems for the protection of various surfaces

  •  Nanoparticle synthesis and functionalization

His experience also includes extensive knowledge and
implementation of the six-sigma manufacturing process in the
following areas:

  • Identifies and removes defect-causing elements

  •  Reducing the changeability manufacturing processes

  • Improve the quality of outputs from a manufacturing process

  •  Assessment of supply chain

He is the founder of Phytanico which is an organization through
which all of his business interest stem by way of product creation
and modification, consulting and IP portfolio assessment, reverse
engineering, and manufacturing analysis.
Phytanico has developed a network or brain-trust in various
aspects of the industrial and research industry. As a result, a
number joint ventures (JVs) /partnerships have been made
possible. These collaborative efforts cover a wide span of interest
including but not limited to the development of:

  •  Nutraceuticals for professional athletes

  • Modification of functional foods

  •  Industrial manufacturing problem solving using the six sigma process

  •  Introduction of natural product extracts to physicians

  •  Global search and IP threat assessment

  •  Formulation development for a plethora of product classes

  • Nanosilver modified cotton fabric for EMF wave abatement

After observing the effect that cardiovascular disease had on his
family, Dr. Clark has been very active in defining the roles that
supplementation and proper diet play in overall health. He has
studied the use of natural botanical materials and worked to
understand the philosophy behind how botanicals are used in
different cultures around the world.
He created a number of plant-based supplements targeted at the
general population and the athletic community. A number of his
products have been used by professional athletes and weekend
warriors. The success of these products has resulted in a great
demand for his expertise from professional and collegiate athletes
over the years.

Dr. Clark’s passion for health led him to design a style of cooking
that combines the core elements of the vegan diet with the very
flavorful traditions of southern cooking. His approach is designed
to counter the effects of incorrect dietary choices in the general
population. A number of people have experienced desirable
weight lost through following his approach. Some of Dr. Clark’s
recipes are included in two books he co-authored with his wife
entitled “The ABC’s of Health and Nutrition with Simple Recipes”
and “The Link between Nutrition and IQ.” He is a frequent speaker
on topics related to health and nutrition at conferences.
Wearing two hats operating in the industrial world and the health
and nutrition world, Dr. Clark has been able to fully utilize his
knowledge of botanicals, supplements, and scientific research
while communicating in an engaging and entertaining format. He
enjoys educating people about practical ways to achieve their
health and fitness goals.
Dr. Gregory D. Clark lives in Washington, DC and is married to
Marcelynn Clark. They have four adult children.